As a sculptor, I am constantly drawn to the haunting, almost spiritual quality of that crossroads where nature whispers about the spiritual world.

When I was a young child, I was allowed to wander pretty much anywhere my young imagination, restlessness and desires led me. I was friends with the trees—they were my castles. The forests and all of nature was my secret garden.

My artwork is a result of a constant inner tug-o’-war between that child who still dreams of turtles and worlds beneath oceans, and the detailed taskmaster who emerged over the years to demand originality and flawless execution. This inner tension has enabled me to sculpt - with rich detail - ethereal, nature-inspired moments that are universal, yet somehow deeply personal to each viewer.

Decades ago, I spoke through paintings and illustrations. I evolved into a sculptor, and wove my tales with earth and fire.  Then, the trees of my childhood returned to my dreams. My latest quest is to make sculpted concrete faux bois furniture that appears to be formed from live branches and still growing curious vines. These benches, chairs and tables are created to look like artifacts from an ancient civilization where the boundaries between nature and the spirit world were paper thin, and some secret wisdom is waiting patiently to be rediscovered.

I design and build concrete faux bois furniture to meet the needs of my clients. There is nothing "off the shelf" about my work, and every piece is clearly unique.

—Diane Husson, Sculptor


Diane's Artistic Journey

After having been a painter and published illustrator for 10 years, Diane’s adventure as a sculptor began 20 years ago when a friend introduced her to a tilemaking workshop at a local art center.  Since that day, she increased her knowledge of art tiles and sculpture by studying at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and the historic Moravian Pottery and Tileworks in Pennsylvania.

Diane has worked on many private and public commissions and her sculptures have been widely exhibited and collected by those who share the joyful, peaceful view of nature reflected in her artwork. She has completed several public art projects, including a 10-foot concrete tree for Norfolk Botanical Garden’s Tropical Plant Pavilion, 6 handmade color murals (and several photo murals) for the Town Center Area of Virginia Beach (sponsored by Walmart), 3 large relief ceramic murals for the City of Norfolk, and a tile and concrete memorial for the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex in Virginia Beach. 

The nature and tranquility in her artwork has captured the attention of area hospitals as well. She has created several functional and nonfunctional works of art for Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter in Norfolk, VA and was commissioned to sculpt several nature-themed murals for Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. She sculpted all the custom artwork for Virginia Beach General’s emergency room waiting room, which included an 18 ft. relief coral reef with 22 kt. gold highlights. Diane’s concrete faux bois furniture has been featured on the cover of Vow Bride Magazine and her sculptural works have appeared in books such as “The Art of Handmade Tile” and “500 Tiles."