Norfolk Botanical Garden - Public art commissioned for their tropical plant pavilion

10' tall concrete faux bois tree designed for use as a display for their collection of air plants

Walmart - Public art commissioned by Walmart for Super Center store at Town Center, Virginia Beach, VA

Six 3.5' X 3.5' stoneware mosaic murals depicting local ecosystems, history and folklore, along with three photo murals


Private Residence, Virginia Beach.

Relief ceramic sculptures. Underglaze, glaze, 22 kt gold accents

Memorial, Hampton Roads Soccer Complex, Virginia Beach, VA.

28" soccer ball made of custom curved tiles over a concrete armature.

City parking garage, Boush St., Norfolk, VA

4' X 6' relief stoneware murals

Emergency Room, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital

18' ceramic coral reef mural with underglazes, glazes, 22 kt gold.

Heart Wing Lobby, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital

6' X 4' polychromed relief ceramic mural

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